The Perfect Stroll

           When one needs to get away, one should take a walk. Walking changes perspective. I have found that a quick stroll is often better medicine than anything available to science. And there is one stroll in particular that I go on often. It is indeed turning out to be the… Continue reading The Perfect Stroll


Slamming the Door on Time

Hocus-pocus blood becomes water The happy and content have it all The happy and content falter And now no answer to the call. Tick tock time has run out, The clockman has become weary. Tick tock, tick tock, bricks break And all mending becomes futile.

The Shadow of Eldorado

Depression crawled his face...


Circus of Gloom

     ‚ÄčIt was, on the surface, a happy time. There was juggling, balancing acts and fire breathers gracefully danced about, and many others, too, were within their ranks. The smell of cotton candy, or floss as this particular circus folk liked to call it, was the only smell of circus food filling the air.… Continue reading Circus of Gloom


A Coat for the Winter

All he wants is a coat for the winter. Something to cuddle up with and keep him somewhat content, for nothing on this earth will ever shelter him from the cold he now feels. The winter may last longer than expected and most will not see that he is in need of his comfy old… Continue reading A Coat for the Winter