Its subtlety makes it strong.
Such a shame how much I long,
I’m cozy resting here in my mind
Living on my time
Watching life pass me by
But finally asking why?

Dreams, they flow through my eyes
In and out of my soul
Like a lost dog in the cold,
Window shopping in the snow
But then, there is Whisper,
A call from the night,
From the shadow of shadows
Calling deep into my heart.

Into my ears and down my throat
A choking touch I’ve longed to swallow
My heart answers the call
And Whisper rushes through my veins
Melting the snow
As the candle light waves.

And for a short while
I’m following, panting,
Whisper’s desire echos off my skin
Becoming my freedom within
Quickly, rudely, jerked back to reality
Unchained, the ecstasy wanes,
And Whisper walks away
The world is quiet once again.


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