The Other Side of the Light

I’d like to say hello to all the shadows of the world that somehow find a way into the light.

When is the last time you looked up at the stars? Think about it carefully. Maybe you sat in a lawn chair in the back yard, tossed a  blanket onto the cool fall grass, or perhaps you made a quick stop along the shoulder of the road while driving through the desert? Maybe you live in a large city and you’ve never seen stars except on TV and the internet. If you haven’t ever seen stars, you should get into the countryside NOW! 🙂  When was the last time you relaxed under the celestial bands of the Milky Way galaxy?

Every day in life we struggle with what to do about something. Maybe our dishwasher broke and we don’t know if we should call a plumber or buy a new one. We struggle with which road to take, which lane to drive in, what scent of laundry detergent we want, and should we make that phone call or not. Maybe a loved one is suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness and we we can’t decide on flowers or chocolate. Why? Do we follow God? Did we ask Jesus to save us for our sins? Which religion do we follow? The one the Jewish people follow? It is said they are the chosen ones. What about the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam? Aside from Buddhism, its followers, through my own personal experiences, seem to be some of the most peaceful people on earth.  What about the Catholic religion? Or the Protestant side of life might appeal more to you. We all have choices. Maybe, just maybe, you are a witch, I actually know some. Maybe you live a very clean life, are solid with integrity, are prosperous, have a big family, and very happy with the decisions you’ve made, and you do not believe in any religion or God whatsoever. However, there is ONE decision we all have to make in life and it is a defining one. It is one that can not be undone, and there is no mulligan. It is up to only us to make the decision for the better or the worse. It is defiant in a way that we may never understand. It is difficult to answer with an honest heart, sometimes because of all the outside influences, self doubt and peer pressure. When the time comes for you to make that One decision, ensure that the decision you make is the one you believe to be true and just, and live with it and its benefits, as well as with its consequences. Because in a world of constant equal and opposite reactions, there will be both.

It seems a bit like I’m going in circles. A  friend said tonight “to embrace your loved ones. They are your strength.” She is right. Without a support system in our lives, we would whither away like a dry shrub in the desert. It is without conscience that a man walks into a room and kills a dozen people with an assault rifle. It is with conscience that a woman requests a morphine drip for her dying father because the pain of his pancreatic cancer is too much for him to cope with. Both people made the decision. Are both people wrong?

This human life is inexorably difficult. Time wasted worrying and condemning only ages us faster and withers the heart. Please, look back at the stars tonight. Look long and hard. Lose yourself in them. Be a child again and drift away to the galaxies far away and travel to new lands. Forget about the term paper. Forget about the audit. Forget about the divorce. Forget about the sermon. Forget about the game. Forget about the surgery. Forget about the…forget, just for a few feathery moments, forget. Embrace your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Stop and look at the stars more often. Pick out one star and return to it often, watch it shine and remember that somewhere from the other side of that light, contemplating decision and consequences, there is very likely someone looking back at you.


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