I am a major food lover. I come from a long line of excellent family cooks. And now in my adult life I’ve molded what I was taught growing up with modern trends and food I’ve experienced while traveling the world. Earlier this year, April 29th to be exact, I became I’ll with a mundane sore throat. The doctor gave me good medicine, and within a weeks time, the doctor was changing the medicine up. Another week in, the symptoms we’re unchanged. Finally, on the fourth week, I was able to see my actual primary care doctor whom agreed with my sister, the super nurse, and sent me to see a specialist. Throat polyps we’re the diagnosis. After weeks of feeling like there were razor blades growing in my throat, a surgical procedure corrected the problem. But I’ve always said a mess can not be cleaned up without making a bigger mess. My love of food is taking a break while my throat heels. I am living off of a mostly liquid  diet for seven to ten days. The protein shakes are even difficult to  swallow. So as a matter of perspective, the world is a bit bigger than I wanted it to be right now, but I will endure. 

We often lose sight of the big picture as we go about the obstacle course known as life. We get into comfort zones or ruts seemingly unable to change our perspective. Usually, but not always, the change is forced and without a welcome mat to wipe our feet on. Nevertheless, we get through the door of change and slowly examine our new surroundings, feeling our way here and there until we are somewhat comfortable again. If we are wise, though, we do not, we should not, ever lose sight of the conditions that led is to the house of change. It is then, on the reflection of such change, we decide if it is for the better or worse. In this instance, for myself, the slowdown was much needed, and the perspective well seen. 


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