Desire’s Doors

Desire is in and around us all. It is most evident in the eyes of the hungry. It permeates our minds and controls our actions until we give in to it’s stealthy power. We desire many many things throughout our existence. Sometimes we desire the finest of meals, perhaps a taste of something that reminds us of our youth, a vacation, or a fiery lover. Some people desire gossip. They feed off it so willingly they create prompts (questions, phrases, gestures, and body language) in casual conversation that open people up. The gossiper may not realize they do so, or maybe they do, nonetheless, their desire gets the best of them. We desire to see new things, go on new adventures, and have new experiences, from traveling to fighting crime to watching movies and partying. As humans, our desire leads us to salvation and detonation. It leads us to both good and evil. DESIRE starts our first roll, our first crawl, and our first step. It is in the tears of a mother’s waiting eyes, a father’s giving hand, and a child’s first heartbreak. We can not exist without it. Desire always awakens within us a newness of life. Our ability for free will is the one single component to desire that makes the animalistic instinct of our existence somewhat controllable. What doors do your desires open, and which do they close?


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