I sit around and wait

Not knowing what is next.

As the world dances around my feet

I wait.

A mile away I hear a dog barking

Three miles away in another direction

I hear another dog returning the calls,

But still I wait.

In the night air,

Cold, desolate, I pull my blanket tight.

I toss and turn as my feet are tickled,

I roll over, and still I wait.

Dreams are fading fast.

Once a young man turning the hands of time

I’m becoming bitter, angry towards others,

But at myself, because I’m waiting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for what

I know not, but still I wait.

Like the man with a poor, poor heart,

I’m waiting, nothing more, just waiting.

A dream is waiting, sugar coated waiting,

But I have focus while waiting,

Focus is the key,

To the awakened dream that’s waiting.


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