The Journey Begins: The Prologue Part 2

A creature from the deep,
Waits in the shadows to strike.
In my eye it begins to creep,
Feeding on my every fright.

If I turn away
And return alone.
I’ll lose the day
And sing no song.

In the night I become a host,
A war between nightmares and dreams.
They come and they go,
Patience is my world it now seems.

I find myself in front of a tree
So round and tall,
It stands proud in my dream,
Yet like me it begins to fall.

I turn and walk away.
As the tree cries out,
It cries loud her name
And quickly withers away.

Then the next night
Another dream I dreamed.
She was floating up passing me,
I’m a wreck, I’ve lost reality.

And the next day
I traveled farther into the far.
So careful not to lose my way
I left in the trail pieces of my heart.

“I wondered lonely as a cloud.”
“And came to a town known as Eldorado.”
The town was a ghost town,
So through and on I did go.



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