The Silent Crowd

This is one of those good days When fall and summer and winter parade. The sun is out and the clouds thin, And the dead leaves blow and fall like rain. Butterflies flutter in a dogfight with leaves Dogwoods shine with royal autumn bliss, Trees gold, orange and some still green Wait trembling for winter's… Continue reading The Silent Crowd


The Fly and the Ghost

The candle flickers slowlyAnd the wick begins to sinkThe fly on the wall doesn't move,A perfect perch.Two desperate souls collide Rudely their shadows entwineAs they flicker and fall.A ghost enters the room -It is the end and the fly sees allThe wick sinks a little more- And the fly soars.The ghost settles within a heartStillness… Continue reading The Fly and the Ghost

Waking Up

Good morrow me! I see breakfast has found thee. How splendid! Tis a dark morning But quiet and calm. O’er those trees I see the world, In that window I see me. And I must say, “tis a pleasure.” Day by day I become I. More myself, Like myself in the window. But hidden in… Continue reading Waking Up


When the sunlight falls And the moonlight fails You find yourself at a crossroads Without any light to see the way. Choose your path wisely But choose it deliberately, The world doesn't have time to help you. No one wants to wait. Yet the vultures will circle your face. And desire will kiss you goodnight… Continue reading Light