Blind Eye

He stood tall, proud, and unhappy. The brass, silver, and gold trimmings on his uniform glistened in the early morning sunlight. The morning dew reflected off his black  boots as it clung to the freshly cut green grass. Headstones seemed to stand taller and more formidible, as if at attention to his presence. His cracked… Continue reading Blind Eye



Sometimes, the dark sometimes, you turn to old habits. But when the road to those habits is temporarily closed or they aren't attainable, or you feel they won't work anymore, you find yourself at a loss to rid your mind of the demons you've attracted. When your mind fills with resentment and hatred and your… Continue reading Ledges

The Other Side of the Light

I’d like to say hello to all the shadows of the world that somehow find a way into the light. When is the last time you looked up at the stars? Think about it carefully. Maybe you sat in a lawn chair in the back yard, tossed a  blanket onto the cool fall grass, or… Continue reading The Other Side of the Light


Circus of Gloom

     ​It was, on the surface, a happy time. There was juggling, balancing acts and fire breathers gracefully danced about, and many others, too, were within their ranks. The smell of cotton candy, or floss as this particular circus folk liked to call it, was the only smell of circus food filling the air.… Continue reading Circus of Gloom


A Coat for the Winter

All he wants is a coat for the winter. Something to cuddle up with and keep him somewhat content, for nothing on this earth will ever shelter him from the cold he now feels. The winter may last longer than expected and most will not see that he is in need of his comfy old… Continue reading A Coat for the Winter