The Man and His Rock

Once upon an evening a man set atop a big rock and stunk. He stunk so bad the rock turned green, The man’s world was gray, people were mean. Turning green in discomfort the rock then pledged, “To the man sitting on my head, I promise you that revenge will be mine, And will be… Continue reading The Man and His Rock


Blind Eye

He stood tall, proud, and unhappy. The brass, silver, and gold trimmings on his uniform glistened in the early morning sunlight. The morning dew reflected off his black  boots as it clung to the freshly cut green grass. Headstones seemed to stand taller and more formidible, as if at attention to his presence. His cracked… Continue reading Blind Eye


Let Change come and offer him box of chocolates and a nice cup of tea. Let him come and feed him a hearty lunch of fillet of beef with golden potatoes and butter. Let Change circle your garden in the afternoon sun, smelling your roses and lilies, watching the squirrels play amongst the great oaks.… Continue reading Change


The Drummer

The worst thing In his life The four a.m. alarm, - He hates the rhythm, But it has started And in his head it plays on - With its beep, beep, beep, And beeping, beeping Beep, beep, beep, Beeping, beeping, beep. Monotone digi, Constant nagging midi, To him a sound of the city, Constantly, never… Continue reading The Drummer


The Perfect Stroll

           When one needs to get away, one should take a walk. Walking changes perspective. I have found that a quick stroll is often better medicine than anything available to science. And there is one stroll in particular that I go on often. It is indeed turning out to be the… Continue reading The Perfect Stroll


The Shadow of Eldorado

Depression crawled his face...


Circus of Gloom

     ​It was, on the surface, a happy time. There was juggling, balancing acts and fire breathers gracefully danced about, and many others, too, were within their ranks. The smell of cotton candy, or floss as this particular circus folk liked to call it, was the only smell of circus food filling the air.… Continue reading Circus of Gloom