Justice for All, Freedom for All

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, the events of the World Trade Center attacks effected us all then, and continue to do so today. I'm sharing this from my travel blog because I thought more people might enjoy the read. And if you have an interest in travel, please go have a… Continue reading Justice for All, Freedom for All


Dream Bird

Another very old poem, written back in the 2000's. There's a crow, It comes in my sleep. During the night It brings me my dreams. And then comes day, It flies off, Far, far away. While its away It gathers more dreams. Some are sad, Some come true, Some are happy, Most never seen again.… Continue reading Dream Bird


  Intolerable rage, Pain - Building and building Hunger like never before Hunger like never again. Growth of the unknown The bitter taste in the end. There is no danger in the seen, Heartache is leftover envy. Intolerable rage, Pain – Subsiding yet fighting. Hunger like never before Hunger like never again. The hand of… Continue reading Hunger