Self Hate, Self Destruction

Christmas has never been so far away. No holiday cheer, No gifts to open on that day, No friends or family this year. Life’s fading away, And guilt stabs at my side. I wonder when the pain will end, I want to scream and cry and hide. My problems echo through the night, The dirt… Continue reading Self Hate, Self Destruction


The Battle Within

The candle flickers slowly And the wick sinks. The fly on the wall doesn't move, A perfect perch. Two desperate souls collide rudely Their shadows fall. A ghost enters the room The wick sinks more. It is the end and the fly sees all And the fly soars. The ghost settles within a heart Stillness… Continue reading The Battle Within


When the sunlight falls And the moonlight fails You find yourself at a crossroads Without any light to see the way. Choose your path wisely But choose it deliberately, The world doesn't have time to help you. No one wants to wait. Yet the vultures will circle your face. And desire will kiss you goodnight… Continue reading Light