The Journey Begins: The Prologue Part 2

A creature from the deep, Waits in the shadows to strike. In my eye it begins to creep, Feeding on my every fright. If I turn away And return alone. I'll lose the day And sing no song. In the night I become a host, A war between nightmares and dreams. They come and they… Continue reading The Journey Begins: The Prologue Part 2



Her blushed cheeks dance and bend The butterfly flutters against the wind Beautiful, soft, nature's kiss so pure Her sweet nectar the perfect cure.  The distance broken, the silence ended The butterfly has found his love again

Into the Unknown

Far beyond the reach of thought He stepped into the unknown hesitating, First one foot then another He stepped into the cold negotiating, He peered toward the future Dancing into the unknown masquerading    He changed his course toward the river And ran to the unknown