Night Dancing Along the Thames

In my arms, In each other’s eyes, A dancing embrace Under the stars We hold each other tight. A tear comes to my eye, One lonely, lovely tear, As I think of my love for you. Your warm touch, Your feathery kiss, Your soft voice, A small part of the bliss. Dancing with you in… Continue reading Night Dancing Along the Thames


The Masquerade

Far beyond the reach of thought He stepped into the unknown hesitating, First one foot then another He stepped into the cold chasing, He peered toward the future Dancing into the unknown masquerading He held his breath far too long And beauty slipped into the unknown


  Intolerable rage, Pain - Building and building Hunger like never before Hunger like never again. Growth of the unknown The bitter taste in the end. There is no danger in the seen, Heartache is leftover envy. Intolerable rage, Pain – Subsiding yet fighting. Hunger like never before Hunger like never again. The hand of… Continue reading Hunger