One Dream by Two

  I had a dream, And upon a mirror I did see. And back at me The mirror looked Yet in the mirror Through thine eyes, I saw a sight And my breath it took So quick to think And what little time we spent, Yet the same dream In that instant we both dreamt.… Continue reading One Dream by Two


We are Broken

I have a heavy heart tonight. This world is cruel. Humans are cruel. It is a shameful fate that we as individuals do not see the entire picture. We are often blindsided by ugly truths we do not want to ever acknowledge. We are suddenly forced to make decisions we do not want to make… Continue reading We are Broken


I watch as you lift the fog I watch as the clouds open into holes. Six days of eye level gray Six days of rain. The curtain has now been torn Let the performance begin. Let the performers perform. You’ve ended my pain Your light now warms me. A thickly iced ceiling Your breath changed… Continue reading #Five



  You have an eye like no other Such beauty I've never seen The colors are so vivid, What's the meaning You wish to mean? Such depth in the array, What colors have we yet to see? All I remember from that day Is the scene You painted for me. Unimaginable! Such a grand piece… Continue reading Indescribable


Blind Eye

He stood tall, proud, and unhappy. The brass, silver, and gold trimmings on his uniform glistened in the early morning sunlight. The morning dew reflected off his black  boots as it clung to the freshly cut green grass. Headstones seemed to stand taller and more formidible, as if at attention to his presence. His cracked… Continue reading Blind Eye



Sometimes, the dark sometimes, you turn to old habits. But when the road to those habits is temporarily closed or they aren't attainable, or you feel they won't work anymore, you find yourself at a loss to rid your mind of the demons you've attracted. When your mind fills with resentment and hatred and your… Continue reading Ledges


The Other Side of the Light

I’d like to say hello to all the shadows of the world that somehow find a way into the light. When is the last time you looked up at the stars? Think about it carefully. Maybe you sat in a lawn chair in the back yard, tossed a  blanket onto the cool fall grass, or… Continue reading The Other Side of the Light