Justice for All, Freedom for All

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, the events of the World Trade Center attacks effected us all then, and continue to do so today. I'm sharing this from my travel blog because I thought more people might enjoy the read. And if you have an interest in travel, please go have a… Continue reading Justice for All, Freedom for All


The Dance of Lady River

She dreams in the Moonlight Of secrets far away and untold - Cold memories better forgotten And warm fairy tales cast in gold. The Yellow Queen casts her spell As all fall to a silvery slumber, And the two dance and sway Like lovers in each others arms And they roll and play Like kids… Continue reading The Dance of Lady River

Blind Eye

He stood tall, proud, and unhappy. The brass, silver, and gold trimmings on his uniform glistened in the early morning sunlight. The morning dew reflected off his black  boots as it clung to the freshly cut green grass. Headstones seemed to stand taller and more formidible, as if at attention to his presence. His cracked… Continue reading Blind Eye