Waiting on a Storm from My Front Porch

The first big storm of the spring, I'd like to shake it's hand. Tires squishing under cars, Engines rumbling by and on, The approaching thunder cordial, Having been blanketed by the rain. A chorus played for the Wind, Which will follow with a grand solo, And the night dances with bravado Dancing the poco a… Continue reading Waiting on a Storm from My Front Porch


In the Shadow of Love

Deep in the back of my mind Living in a dream borrowing time Love hides, covered by the cold Wanting, needing, yearning so bold. Looking for the sun, I find the wind driving the rain The rain flooding the River No, Her love I cannot gain. The Giant tree looms. Its shadow blocks the sun.… Continue reading In the Shadow of Love

The Masquerade

Far beyond the reach of thought He stepped into the unknown hesitating, First one foot then another He stepped into the cold chasing, He peered toward the future Dancing into the unknown masquerading He held his breath far too long And beauty slipped into the unknown